First meeting of 2016

Happy New Year!

We held our first meeting to review last year and discuss our plans for this year.

A busy 2015 saw an increase in the number of planters and planted up areas around Wallasey Village.  We also achieved our main aim of the year of the boat/seaside themed area including the ‘planted boat’ and we celebrated the end of the year with an amazing Christmas tree lights switch-on.

We’ve had so many positive comments from the public and local businesses about our work, it makes all the work worthwhile and has really spurred us on.

We have two new exciting projects planned for 2016:

Firstly, to renovate the fountain near to Grove Road Station. Unfortunately we cannot re-install it with cascading water but we can have it cascading with flowers.  This will make is, once again, an attractive focal point in the Village.

Secondly, we hope to join the Royal Horticultural Society, ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Scheme.  We need to understand more about this scheme and what we have to do to enter Wallasey Village for an award.  No doubt we will be asking for your support to help us achieve this….

If you can help with any of our projects this year or are interested in helping us to maintain the lovely planters we have around the village, please do get in touch.  You can use contact details above or email us at:

Thanks to Michelle for hosting the meeting.

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