Summer planting…

WV roundabout planting up 5 smallIt’s been a really busy few weeks removing the winter plants from the barrier planters and barrels, mixing compost and topsoil and ordering/picking up our summer plants! But finally this morning we started planting.  We weren’t deterred by the rain and managed to get all the planters surrounding the roundabout in Wallasey Village finished. Thank you to Barbara and our new member Jane for all their help.

It’s amazing how quickly we were finished, not least because of Suzie’s organising skills and the fact that we completely ignored the rain! WV roundabout planting up 2 small

We’ll be working our way through the village over the next week or so and hope to complete the planting by the end of May.

Huge thanks to Parkside Veterinary Surgery for letting us use their water supply and The Crusty Cob for a welcome cup of coffee – just what we needed.

The planters will burst into colour over the next few weeks and we hope you enjoy the show.

WV roundabout planting up

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