We did it! Gold Winners

We’re so incredibly proud of our achievement yesterday at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom (North West) Awards ceremony in Southport, where we were presented with ‘Gold for all our efforts in 2018.

We have worked hard all year round but we could not have done it without our amazing volunteers and the continued support of local businesses and local Wallasey people.  Thank you.

235 2018 Gold Award Large Village Category

Mike Brassey

You may have noticed a bench at Mike’s Circle on Bayswater Road over the past few months and wondered why it was there.  The Circle is named after Mike Brassey and the bench is dedicated to him.  Mike is the father of Suzanne (who is one of the founding members of Wallasey Village in Bloom) and he gave us lots of advice and help in those early months.

It’s two years this week that Mike passed away, so we thought it would be lovely to get his family and friends there and raise a glass to him.  We hope you enjoy using the bench and maybe have a little rest there on your travels.

RIP Mike, gone but never forgotten.

Winter Planting

Last week we had been busy removing the now wilting summer plants in readiness for winter planting!

So early Saturday morning the whole team were out putting together the planters in Wallasey Village, Grove Road and Wallasey Village Library.  This year we have winter pansies, trailing violas and a few ornamental cabbages (a first for us, they look fabulous and we’re looking forward to seeing how they take).  We also took down the cuffs on lampposts to prepare them for planting later in the week.

Huge thanks to Nick at Stollies for the coffees and Rostherne Nursery Ltd for the beautiful plants.

Saturday morning and afternoon in photos!


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WALLASEY VILLAGE LIBRARY – we’ve planted ornamental cabbages this year!

Bank Holiday weekend

The rain has really helped us this week so this morning it was just a bit of topping up and deadheading.  The library is looking stunning with the begonias ‘blooming beautiful’ and the lavender, after a little turn, have started flowering again.

We’re coming towards the end of the summer planting season and even though they’re still looking lovely, we will be making plans over the next few weeks to start emptying the planters and preparing for the winter show!!

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend – from all the WVIB Team.

A selection of photos of how our village is looking this weekend:

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Britain in Bloom

It’s been a busy few weeks getting ready for the Judges from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) ‘Britain in Bloom’ (North West) competition, but what a fantastic day we had yesterday. A huge thanks for all the messages of support we received and for those who were extra vigilant and picked up and litter or weeds the day before the competition!   We were as ready as we could be.

We wont find out how we’ve done until early November, but we will keep you posted!

141 Judgement Day library
Judges and Bloomers arrive at Wallasey Village Library as part of ‘In Bloom’ judging.
139 Judgement Day 1 August
Now time for tea and cake with the Friends, Wallasey Gardening Club and supporters.